Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brother's Birthday

I am busy working on a secret gift for my brother's upcoming birthday. It amazes me how the feelings from our childhood remain strong, even after we are grown and matured. My brother was always my protector. He is four years older than I am and when you are young, that's a lot. Somehow I always thought of him as knowing everything and being able to fix anything. He didn't always approve of me, but he did always tolerate me and never failed to make sure, that if it was within his power, no one ever hurt me. For his love throughout the years I am truly grateful. Hopefully my birthday project will turn out well and I will be able to share it with you on his birthday, July 10th.

More exciting news, I am picking up my watercolors again and will be creating some new works during the coming month. I will be without my scanner, but will attempt to share them with you by taking photos as I work...suffering loves company!

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