Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Fun

I've had a great evening organizing my iPhoto and sorting many of my thousands of photos. Some I keep for professional use and others just because I like them. While living on the Oregon Coast we were lucky enough to attend a kite flying meet. Now these were not your ordinary kite flyers...these guys made multiple kites fly in sync. It was an amazing afternoon and I was able to snap a few photos. Mostly I just watched in awe of such talents. I thought you might enjoy. It's one man flying all of these kites!


  1. Me, I do enjoy these pictures as they are about something which is fun, popular and talent revealing.

  2. This is a great blog. Your artwork is lovely - wish I had that kind of talent. But I can make a mean lemon meringue pie - based totally on my mother's famous recipe. YUM - wish I was there too!

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog - it brought me here and I'm glad to have found you.

  3. Kite festivals go on in January at our place. Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.