Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Curses, foiled again...

My apologies to the masses who not only attended the ball, but also stopped by my humble abode. While preparations were being made and decorations were being hung, I fear I came down with the plague! Serious as it is, I felt I must apologize to all you wonderful souls. I do so regret the terrible timing of this affliction! Please grant me your leave to attend next years fantastic function. Willow, your gown, shoes, jewels and your men are all decadent! I fear our tastes run along the same lines.


  1. Feel better! We've got a touch of the plague at my house too--

    you can be at the ball in spirit!

  2. Oh, you poor thing. You missed a fabulous party!

  3. So sorry to have missed you at the Ball - hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. So sorry you missed that fabulous dancing. My feet are quite sore today. But do get well soon.


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