Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Mother to Grandmother...

This week has been so busy.  I am filling in for Mom and Dad and caring for my grandchildren.  I now know, without reservation, why young people have children.  I raised two sons while working full time and still had time for a life outside the responsibilities.  Well, let me tell you that I now find it difficult to get through the entire day without a nap.  One goes to pre-school and one to school.  They are delivered and picked up at various times.  There are animals to care for and the house to keep up.  Forgot how many things children have.  It's a full time job just keeping all sorted.  Then there is the laundry that is generated.  Our little Princess changes her outfits no less than three times per day!  Yesterday I forgot to send a lunch to school with Benjamin who never wants to eat school lunches.  The guilt was terrible!  He was wonderful and said it was no big deal, but Grandma made sure he had his lunch today.  Anyway, this is why I have been missing in action.  I promise to be back next week, if I'm still functional.


  1. Oh this made me smile. It is on occasions like this that we realise we are getting old. When our children were young we sped through life fitting everything in didn't we. Still, enjoy their company - they grow up too soon.

  2. Benjamin sounds like a very fine boy, and the princess is probably going to be a real princess.

    Don't worry about your blog readers; they can wait. Family matters, first. May God bless you with the adequate energy!