Friday, November 6, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Here is installment three.  I thought it might be the final, but after running it past my critique group have decided to keep messing with the flower.  Just in case I ruin the painting, thought I'd post what would have been the final.  Why am I never satisfied?  As before, I would like to have your comments and I hope you are not tiring of my revisiting my paintings.

I have just sketched my next painting which will be of our little Angle, Sophia.  She is growing and changing so fast, I thought I had best try and catch her before she's all grown up.  I'm not a portrait painter so this will prove to be a real challenge for me.  If it turns out, I will present it to her parents for Christmas.

I'll try and photograph the sketch and post it later.  I am also sketching out the two cows and a calf that the Nikon Sniper posted recently.  He has been good enough to allow me to paint from his photo...of course I will be obtaining a Nikon Sniper tattoo in return.  If you haven't checked out Stephen's blog, please do.  He is a wonderful and prolific photographer who posts some really remarkable work.  You will find his blog listed in my followers.  Tell him I said "Hi" if you stop by.


  1. I love the composition. The colors are beautiful and the rose stately and elegant.

  2. I love this - sometimes one can be too self-critical - I suffer from the same thing with my textile work. If I put it away for a week or two and then take it out again - then I can make the real decision as I can look at it more objectively.