Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WIP of Sophia Watercolor...

I am attempting my very first watercolor portrait (with a FACE).  The painting is of my granddaughter, Sophia.  She was sitting, leaning against a larger birch tree outside my window, strumming oner her guitar. I had to take some photos and now I'm painting her.  I'm enjoying the process and have much left to do, but thought you all might like to get a look at what is done so far.  As always, I welcome your suggestions.  The background will be the birch tree, sky and grass.  Should be muted so not to compete with my 'little princess'.  Oh, her shoes aren't finished yet.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful. I enlarged it to have a better look, and you have caputured her hands just perfectly. You can see the movement in them as she is playing her guitar. And I love the way her toes are pointing.

    Omigosh, you are so talented...!!!

  2. To repeat what some of the WcW artists are saying, I was bothered at bit by the age showed on this painting. This is soooooo hard to do, not to age little ones. I think that with softening her facial lines that this will be taken care of, but like others I think that waiting until you do the background you will be able to see what to do. These grandbabies are so hard to do when we feel such a close attachment to them!

  3. Well done, C! I really like the flow of the browns in her hair and the trim of her jacket. Watercolor is not an easy medium.

    Thanks for the wonderful comment left at WM today. It's readers like you who make blogging so worthwhile. And yes, those glorious gray days do bring on the creativity, don't they?

  4. your husband is totay right . you are all this ,
    fantastic your work . it was very nice to have mmet your blog today !!!
    see you !!

  5. Caio, Thank you for the kind words. I love art in any form. Your's is thought-provoking. I enjoyed visiting your site.


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