Thursday, December 17, 2009


I wanted to let you all know that a post was placed in my blog yesterday entitled 'Nice Day'.  It was not posted by me.  This was spam and was somehow posted to my blog.  I have do not recommend any of the stuff in the posting and have never heard of this before.  Please do not attempt to go to the site since I am certain it will cause problems for you.  I was able to delete the post from my site, but it remains in the list of posts.  I don't seem to be able to remove it from there.  I am so sorry this has happened and I really wish these people would stop interfering with others personal information.


  1. So sorry about this nasty little hiccup - I wonder why people do these things. I like your snow - we have some of the real stuff here in the North East of the UK tonight.

  2. Do these people have lots of free time? Where do they find the energy to do this? It's not like they can make any money, from harassing us.

    The post wasn't the one where they told you to go to their site because they sold shoes, runners, and jeans was it?

    I remember seeing that yesterday, but I don't remember where. You should probably think about changing your passwords, if they hacked into it. And notify blogger about it.


  3. Jen,

    Yes, it was the one about going to their site for shoes, etc. From the brand names I'm sure they are knock-offs if, in fact, they are selling them at all. This has happened to me twice in hotmail and once in Facebook. It's getting hard to explain to my friends and contacts why they keep getting this trash from me.

    Just so everyone knows, the only thing I will ever offer for sale on my site is my own personal artwork. Any other references to go to other sites to buy things are not from me. I do promote the blogs of persons I believe to have wonderful, interesting blogs. That's it.

  4. Weaver,

    I love your photos of the season. Your blog provides me so much enjoyment. I love having you stop by. Perhaps tomorrow we can share a cup of tea and perhaps a cranberry scone? Have a lovely evening.