Friday, January 15, 2010

English Manor House

I have been having a wonderful time painting watercolors lately.  Thought you might like to see one I just finished.  While it's a study for me and I feel there are areas that need further attention, I enjoyed doing it.  I may play with it a bit more, but for now I'll let it rest.

We are having warm, windy and wet weather here in the Pacific Northwest.  No snow, but rain has been falling.  We must be reaching a state of emergency for our water reserves since there is almost no snow pack in the mountains.  Perhaps we should all be doing rain dances.


  1. Thanks for visiting again. It's so nice hearing from friends.

  2. Everything in the painting looks so delicate, as if you've hardly touched it: the colors, the drawing of the houses&trees, the sky and earth. Lovely painting!

  3. Duta,

    You are so kind. It is so nice to hear from you and I appreciate you taking your time to visit my blog and keep in touch. I never know if my remarks get back to my visitors, but I hope they do. You are all so very special to me.


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