Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Magpie Tales...


The slippers sat gathering dust in a corner of her room  
Dancing gowns hung lifeless in the wardrobe behind the broom
A lovely china clock marked the hour of her death
While her husband hung his head, pulled the trigger and
gasped his final breath.

C Hummel Kornell
Magpie Tales


  1. Ouch. A surprise ending. Great magpie.

  2. Oh! Such a tragic little Magpie.

  3. Wow! How confronting is that! But sadly all too common. Trying to say more but can't. Too close to home.

  4. ouch- guilt or not able to live without her ?

  5. Kathew - It was my intent that he couldn't live without her, however I suppose it could be guilt.

    Ray - I am sorry my attempt hit close to home for you. It is always difficult to lose a loved one. Thanks for taking time to contact me.

    Willow - I think it must have come out of my earlier reading about the hauntings of Willow Manor! I'm really not so dark.

    Tumblewords - Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate your dropping by, come back often.

  6. how sad tale,
    what wise twist in the ending!

  7. love it!! short and tragic - great combination..


  8. One little concise stanza , with so much in it: wife and husband, death and suicide, hanging gowns and lying slippers, dust and broom, lifeless objects and a trigger of an arm. The rhyming gives the piece a certain rhytm. Very skillful!!

  9. Duta - As always, you make my day!

    Gabriela - This is my first participation so it's very helpful to hear your remarks. This group is wonderfully creative. Please stop by again.

    Jingle - Thank you for your comments. It's always so nice to create something that others appreciate.

  10. Five lines that speak volumes. Great Magpie.

  11. Very abrubt and chilling. However much enjoyed, art explores all sides of life. A very strong little magpie tale!

  12. Gosh - that ending was a bit of a shock!

  13. How tragically sad! But very good just the same. I loved it!

  14. Read this a month too late,
    But loved it too much not to say anything...

    Thank you for a lovely moment of tragedy borne of the deepest of emotions be it love, remorse or guilt.

  15. Read this a month too late...
    But loved it too much not to say,
    Thank you for a magpie, a tragedy borne of the deepest of emotions be it love, remorse or guilt...