Sunday, January 2, 2011


Resolutions - the things disappointments are made from.

My personal opinion, of course.  So many times I have greeted the New Year with the resolve to accomplish great things both in my personal life and in my work.  So many times I have failed to achieve these awesome resolutions I have carved out for myself.  Failing to reach one's goals can be a terrible burden if you actually take yourself seriously.  So, this year as I quietly welcomed the New Year in the presence of my loving husband, I have determined to accept the small accomplishments that come my way and revel in the fact that this is my life and I am so blessed by having it.  I wish wellness and happy days to all my friends (blogging and otherwise) and to my family.  

May each of you find Peace, Love and Happiness in this New Year.  

This photograph was taken by my youngest son, Christopher, of one of the places where his heart is at home.  May you all find such a place this coming year.  Thank you for tagging along with me this past year, I hope you stick around.


  1. Right back at you, Coni! As 2011 will present challenges and victories, I am resolved to revel in the victories and meet the challenges with courage! We all need a good year to recover from the ravages of 2010 and may 2011 allow us to do this!

    Blessings to you and Bill...Susan and Tom

  2. I've just read a post of a blogger who has decided to replace the lengthy list of resolutions (mostly disappointments) with a list of key words, such as: good health, change, growth, family, etc..
    Not a bad idea.

    Anyway, I admire your determination to accept your small achievements and feel blessed with your life.

    Your son has great taste ; it looks like a dream spot in the picture.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. Omigoodness, that photographs is exquisite!

    My resolution this year is just to keep my routine. I'm sort of like a border collie that way. I love my routine. :-)

    Happy New Year!


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