Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Snow Dreamin'...

Our front yard during our beautiful snowfall a few weeks ago.  Excitement filled our hearts as we watched the snow accumulate to a depth where we could grab our snow shoes and head out.  We located a wonderful trail only minutes from home where we spent the afternoon snowshoeing in the silent beauty.  Why does hard exercise feel so much better when it's done in Nature's playground?  Later, over a cup of chocolate we planned our upcoming return to this special area as our spirits soared.

Within days the Chinook blew in and melted the snow.  Temperatures dropped to bone-chilling levels and our dreams dropped with them.  Here we set, longing for the return of our winter.  Is it global warming or simply a weather phenomenon?  


  1. I know what you mean. We just got the first measurable snow in the past couple days. I've missed it, and I wonder about global climate change too.

  2. (Oh, finally I 'm at your comments box. For the last several days I've had problems trying to access your post and comments box).

    Living in a warm country with no snow in our mild winter, I am fascinated by your picture displaying earth and trees covered by white snow.

    As for global warming- I would rather call it climate anomaly, because we have all sorts of phenomena that are not related to warming only.

  3. Duta, you are right, I like 'climate anomaly' cause there are so many changes taking place that aren't exactly 'warming'. Sorry you had problems getting to my comments box, not sure what is going on. I treasure your remarks, so thanks for not giving up!

    Other Mary, Thanks for commenting. I think there are lots of us out here who love the snow and related outdoor activities that go along with it...including some not so outdoor activities such as baking cookies and watching the snow fall gracefully to the ground while we are inside. Enjoy your season and stop back anytime, I love visitors.