Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Is In The Air...

Our season has been drier than usual in the Pacific Northwest.  First frosts arrived in September and now we are experiencing below freezing temps each night here in Eastern Washington.  The higher elevations have already had their first dusting of snow!  There is a prediction of a warmer winter but, I'm not so sure.

I am snuggled in my wooly socks and fleece PJs beneath a coverlet, sipping my early morning coffee as I watch the sun arrive.  My day of writing has begun.

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  1. Wooly socks and fleece pjs - oh, that's nice and cosy!

    (Thanks for thinking of me. I'm Ok , and I've also voted for you).

  2. Duta, dear friend,
    I'm so glad you are well. It's so hard when we don't hear from each other regularly. Thank you so much for your vote. Wish me luck and have a great week. Oh, and the socks and fleece are comfy!