Monday, November 26, 2012

November is nearly over and we have no snow at my house.  Having lived for a time in the warm climate of the Southwest, I realize that the Holidays are not contingent on the white stuff, but personally I find it motivating.  Recollections of my Mother and her enjoyment of the harsh Iowa winters may be the catalyst for my love of the frozen mist.  She wasn't an outdoor enthusiast but she loved to cook and our snowy winters were filled with homemade fudge, fluffy divinity and popcorn that we strung, along with cranberries, on threaded needles to make Christmas garland.  What I don't remember is 'Black Friday' or 'Cyber Monday' and definitely no stores open on Thanksgiving Day, certainly no millions or billions of dollars in retail sales!  There wasn't a lot of excess money but families made do with homemade gifts.  The Holiday Season was more about family and friends sharing what they had with others who were in need of help.  Many had little in way of tangible 'things' but I believe we were blessed with an abundance of love.  So, as we near the Christmas Season, my wish for each of you (my family and friends) is that your lives be filled with LOVE.  


  1. Lovely recollection of harsh winters, mother's homemade cooking, sharing.
    Above all, is the wish that our lives be filled with Love. Thank you.

  2. Duta,
    Thank you. I pray daily for you and the people of Israel. May the new year see Peace in your country.