Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beautiful Alaska

The beauty of Alaska.  This is the view from the window of our RV looking out over Clover Passage outside of Ketchikan.  I have seen an awesome humpback whale who breached, blew and rolled just this side of the boat you see in the photo.  I was standing on the shore only feet from where this happened.  Eagles perch on the three piers you see to the right of center in the photo.  What majestic birds they are.  It rains here, approximately 162" each year, but when the skies clear and the sun shines you tend to forget that.  This is truly a beautiful place.  If you get a chance, please don't hesitate to visit. The friendly people at Clover Pass Resort offer fishing packages and tours to fit all needs.  They catch salmon, halibut and a variety of other fish.  Should you get up this way be sure and tell them I sent you!


  1. I'm glad you are settled in at the resort now and enjoying Alaska again. How beautiful it is there!

  2. I envy you for being at such a special place, filled with pure air, majestic birds and great variety of fish!
    Enjoy your stay there!