Friday, May 31, 2013

Decorator Crab...

Wonders exist beneath the cold waters of the Inland Passage.
A friend has been teaching us about trapping shrimp in a pot.
Normally, when you pull the pot you have shrimp (did I mention they are the size of prawns?).
However, recently we have been finding other lifeforms in the pot.
Here is a Decorator Crab, with his buddy the shrimp.
He decorates his body to match his environment so he can easily fool his prey.
We put him back in the ocean after taking his picture for posterity.
As for the shrimp, not so lucky.  He became a tasty morsel for our table, along with several of his friends.  YUM!
In addition to the little crab, my son brought up a foot long Sea Cucumber which we had never seen before.  After putting it back in the sea he found out that they sell for about $40.00 per pound.  Who knew?
Finally, we have pulled up two large Octopus.  Nope, no photo of them, all I can say is they are a bit more scary in real live than in documentaries.  The smallest one was about 5' long.

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  1. I won't put shrimps or crabs on my plate, but they are nice to look at. I like the attached picture.