Saturday, August 30, 2014

Out on the farm...

Our girls are growing up.  The wee little eggs they were laying have grown into huge brown, tan, white and, yes, even green Giants.  One of the gals is an over-achiever and has been laying double yokes since the first.  I'm not sure which one she is, but will keep watching and let you know.  Bill fences them out of the garden and they fly over the fence so he decides to let them have the garden so we can keep track of who's laying and you guessed it, they fly out!  We clip wings and still they can maneuver the fence.  I guess they are 'free-range' chickens in the purist of senses.
 Our only Silky who was lovenly named 'Joan Jett' by my daughter-in-law turned out to be 'Keith Richards'!  We are trying to figure out how to fix a head band on him and teach him to play guitar.
 Like Keith, he is a handsome fella!  And now you are caught up on the spoiled fowl from the Kornell/Wilson chicken coup.

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