Tuesday, December 23, 2014

View from my window...

Prairie Winter...

Perhaps making a decision to live in an RV in the middle of South Dakota in the wintertime was not the best one we have ever made?  Actually, living inside a metal box during a midwestern blizzard is easier than what my husband does which is flying an airplane through that blizzard! He leaves each evening and doesn't return until the next day while our long-haired Mexican Chihuahua, Snowflake, and I remain at 'home', nestled within the icy cocoon that once was a motorhome.  

Actually I grew up in southwest Iowa where winter snowstorms and summer tornadoes are a fact of everyday life.  I can remember waking in my freezing bedroom, as a child, to the sparkling aftermath of an ice storm.  Single pane glass windows frozen solid on the inside.  These provided blank canvases for a young artist's fervent designs drawn with a fingernail into the crusty ice.  I must admit I find the most awesome beauty, still today, in the aftermath of an ice storm when everything is encased in a shroud of crystal.  Today I wanted to share my view with you and feel this is an appropriate time to wish each and everyone a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas!  God Bless Us, One & All.

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