Sunday, January 31, 2016

Homage to Michael Flatley's 'Lord of the Dance'...

photo by Francesca Woodman

The silence complete
Darkness surrounds
The air is electric
As drumming resounds

A single bright light
Appears on the stage
A figure is twirling
Her movement is sage

The drums pound a tempo
Lights flash in reply
The audience breathes
A single soft sigh

He flies onto the stage
The Lord arrives
His movement is fluid
The audience cries

For one wondrous moment
All worries forgot
Good over evil
Is always the plot

Our Lord of the Dance
Gives his all to the crowd
Satisfaction apparent
Applause is so Loud…

Copyrighted:  C Hummel Kornell


  1. My offering to the upcoming retirement of Michael Flatley from dancing. While he will continue to produce his shows and they will continue well into forever, there will never be another Michael Flatley!

  2. Nice, Connie! In my youth I was very involved in the Irish music scene: playing, singing, step dancing. When Michael Flatley brought in his own interpretations of the dance he set it all on fire. And it's never been the same since. Nice posting. Cheers

  3. Michael is a true genius and has given so much to his fans and the world. He has created a dance form that hopefully will live forever. As his fan I feel sad that he will be retiring but look forward to what comes next. An artist spirit such as his cannot be still. Thanks for reading my offering and for your remarks.

  4. Very nice, and I have enjoyed his dancing as well.