Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 30, 2008

This is my first attempt with a blog. While I've never thought I have much of an interesting life, my friends and family disagree. So, I will share some of my experiences and see what you think.

Some background first. My husband, Bill Kornell, and I met when we were 16 and 17. We shared a very special relationship for three years and then, as so many relationships go, we drifted on to separate lives. I married and raised two wonderful sons. Then, some 36 years after we parted Bill and I were reunited through the efforts of a friend. Needless to say, the ensuing seven years has been truly wonderful. Do I believe in 'soul mates'? YES!

My early years were spent experimenting with art in an awkward, self-taught manner. Upon graduation from high school I was offered a full scholarship to study with Norman Rockwell. Ah, the stupidity of youth...I chose instead to go to work as a secretary. Following marriage I entered into the realm of law, taking a position as secretary to a county sheriff in the State of Iowa. This entailed all the general office duties, but included also taking depositions (in shorthand). Later I relocated to Spokane, Washington and went to work as a legal secretary. Working my way up, I became a paralegal and finally a legal administrator. I retired from the legal profession following 26 years and worked parttime for a school district. I enjoyed the children very much. My next move was to the northeastern most county in Washington State (Pend Oreille) where I worked for the State of Washington and Pend Oreille County developing The North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway. In my capacity as Byway Coordinator, I was awarded the 'Richard J. "Dick" Clifton Award" for leadership and was recognized nationally by the National Scenic Byways for my success in developing a grass roots driven project. During this time I set on the board of The Cutter Theatre as well as being a full member in the North Pend Oreille Lions Club. To all my friends and associates from this period of my life I would like to say, 'I miss you all'.

Throughout my life I have pursued my art. Now, Bill insists that I actively pursue it. I am posting some of my projects and would love hearing from you as to what you think. Be kind, I'm a gentle soul.

I believe I am blessed in this life. I cherish my sons, their wives and their families (3 extraordinary grandsons and one fiery, independent granddaughter). My husband, of course, is the light of my life and my friends are the cornerstones of my being.

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  1. Beautiful...I absolutely loved it!
    Will be looking forward to more.
    I live in Millwood, see if you can guess who I am. BJ


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