Monday, December 1, 2008

Stained Glass Window - "Bull Rider"

I have experienced a lot of difficulty in uploading my photos through the Posting window so am attempting to do this post via email. Hopefully it will work out.

This is the stained glass project I currently have underway. For a bit of background, my husband, Bill Kornell is a past World Champion Bull Rider. I have quite a lot of experience and reference materials available to me to make sure that the rodeo authenticity is adhered to in my renderings. It is so great to have a husband who takes an interest in my projects and assists me with fine tuning.

I also have an oil painting underway of Big Horn Sheep and Bill has been invaluable to me with it. He corrects small confirmation issues which will make the difference between an adequate painting and what I hope will be an exceptional one. (Can you tell I like the guy?)

Let me know what you think about the window. Since the Holidays are approaching I will not be doing much more on it this year, but will be back with a vengeance in January. Also, if this posting method works I hope to get more of my work online for you to see.


  1. Wow, this is looking great so far! I especially like the glass that makes up the clothes, looks very realistic. I might have to beg some of your reference photos of Bill for another western rodeo painting!

  2. I just love your whole Blog..Once I get my internet (wifi) up and going I can watch your blog every day..Love the stained glass pic..
    Can't wait to see it completed..You are an awesome person..Thank you for taking the time to teach me the basics of "how to do stained Glass" I love it and the little Butterfly suncatcher you helped me make..It's hanging in my window catching the suns rays every day..every time I look at it it reminds me of you and Bill and your Friendship which I thoroughly treasue...Always