Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fall Magic...

I have two wonderful sons. One, you already met through my last post. He is the oldest. He began competing in bicycle races when he was 15. To this day, he still enjoys the sport.

My second son, two years younger, suffers from the artistic spirit. He is so very creative but not simply with paints and pencils. Chris is an outstanding chef. His culinary creations rival any five star establishment. He has wanted to learn to can for some time now so yesterday we did it. We put up 91 pints of peaches. As with his art and his cooking, he is a natural. He even saved the peach syrup and once the last canner was off the stove we made it and a few extra peaches into jam! I'm sharing a photo of a few of our jars.

Chris is venturing full throttle into the preserving world. He has made his list of 'foods to put up for winter'. I know my Mother and Grandmothers would be as proud of him as I am.

Hope you are all taking time to share good times with family and friends. This is the most important part of living, I believe.

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  1. I'm very impressed by your son's culinary skills. The jars look indeed like magic.


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