Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oops...Forgot you haven't met Chris

Sorry I didn't include a photo of son number two. Here he is with his son. Sure do love my family!


  1. He looks like a peachy kind of guy! And your grandson is adorable too.

  2. Thanks for visiting me - do call again. I shall add you to my blog list as you have two such handsome young men in your photograph!
    You ask about marrows - according to my dictionary they are native to tropical America - I don't know whether they are related to squashes but I do know that they are related to zucchini - if you leave zucchini (we say courgettes) on the plant they grow into marrows.
    Conkers are the fruit of the horse
    chestnut tree - they are shiny brown nuts inside a green prickly shell (do you know chestnuts - they are related). They are not edible but little boys collect the brown nuts, cook them in the oven, thread them on strings and play a game called conkers, where they hit them together and see who can keep their conker intact the longest.

  3. Weaver,
    Thanks for your clarification. I actually googled the words but did not find any suitable definitions. We played with horse chestnuts as children and yes, my brother loved carrying one in his pocket. Zucchini, I know well. Always grew way too many and had to shred, measure and freeze in order to have them for making zucchini bread in the wintertime. Delicious.

    The game sounds delightful. Thank you for adding me to your blog list. I visit your site daily and always enjoy your wonderful postings and photographs. Your part of the world has always been interesting to me so it's wonderful to hear about it first hand.

    Hope you stop back soon.