Sunday, September 13, 2009

Glorious Day...

I had the most wonderful day yesterday.  We set out to explore our new surroundings and found so many awesome things.

First we attended the Farmer's Market in Susanville where we found  home-grown veggies and farm-fresh eggs.  Next we hiked the Biss Johnston Trail and encountered many curious squirrels and one hyperactive lizard.  From there we took a road trip through some of the most beautiful mountainous area to the west of Susanville and ended up in a lovely little, artistic town called Quincy.  We enjoyed coffee in a unique little coffee house located in the alley behind one of the galleries.

Our return trip took us up the backside of Lake Almanor and through another quaint little town, Chester, CA.  It was such a wonderful trip we didn't even mind the two delays we had due to road construction.

Look closely through the trees and you will see Mt. Lassen, an inactive volcano.  We have to save the trip to see it up close and personal for another day.  There is a great diversity to this area.

While I photographed some of the gorgeous landscapes, I am sorry to say I failed to record the wonderful little towns.  This means I have to go back!
To finish our wonderful day, a bit of weather blew in and we got a little lightening and a few rain drops.  We really need rain, it's extremely dry here and fire danger is very high.

Finally, our flock of geese is growing as more seem to be arriving daily.  I had to threaten to ground them if they didn't pay closer attention to their curfew...after all, I can't stay up all night worrying about when they will return home!  As with any good children, they refuse to listen.


  1. Yes - please do go back and photograph the towns - and that interesting place where you had a coffee. The photographs you have taken are fascinating and I want to see more!

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day of excursions.
    I like the picture with the volcanic Mt. Lassen seen through the trees. You must visit it. I have always been fascinated by volcanoes. I'm also impressed by the blue colour of Almanor lake with the solitary boat on its still waters.

    I wish you many wonderful days like this one!

  3. Weaver & Duta,

    I will make a trip back before our winter commences. There are so many wonderful "little" things to enjoy in our days. I always get excited and so many times forget to record them. I didn't mention along the drive we found some very large trees (which I also failed to photograph). Guess I'm sometimes like a child in a candy store...

    Thanks so much for your kind remarks. I do so enjoy your visits.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to be able to get out into all this glory? I, also, get so excited when we have one of our spontaneous explorer voyages! Great photos and narrative, I'll look forward to more.

  5. Susan, Welcome back. I've missed your visits and remarks. Hope your trip turned out well and I'm looking forward to your future paintings.