Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lily is Finally Done...

There never seems to be a good definition of "final" for me...I usually complete a painting and then place it where I will be able to view it.  Over days, weeks or even months I keep looking at it to determine if I am or am not happy with the result.  In some cases, I may tweak it or I may leave it alone.  So much for explanations, here is what I now determine to be my "final" on the Lily.  The medium is oil and it is painted on a wrapped canvas which does not require framing.  I think I'll call her 'Blaze'.  Your comments are appreciated.

I promised to post photos of the giant pine cones we picked up on our last hike.  Here they are next to a size 11 insole (creative, heh?).  These are beautiful cones and, although the ones I picked up were alongside a road and are damaged from falling onto the pavement, should make some awesome holiday decorations.  Don't we live in a wonderful world?

Finally, while I was outside taking the photos, I noticed that our chives are blooming.  We maintain small herb gardens (in pots) so that I have fresh herbs available for cooking.  When we are traveling, the little guys go into our basements and pop out when we set up camp again.  Strangely enough they seem to flourish.

These are the Chives in bloom.  They reseed themselves and depending on where we are, can maintain year-round.

This pot contains basil, a Tai hot pepper and oregano.  Tasty additions to many of our evening meals.  They are beginning to fade with the chilly fall nights.  I will harvest and dry them soon.


  1. You are a perfectionist. Life is not easy when you are like that but the result ( the lily) is stunning.

    I've never seen pinecones of that length. They should, indeed, make wonderful decorations.

  2. Duta,

    Yup, I guess I am. Thank you so much for your very kind words. It's nice to know that what I produce is appealing to others. I've missed your visits. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. The "Lily That Glows"! I like the life you painted into that lily!

    I am glad you can make herbs grow under those conditions. The closest we have come is to bring our Aerogarden with us, that had a crop of all the essential herbs; another time we had all basil!

  4. Susan,

    So good to hear from you. I've missed your paintings. Looking forward to your next posting. I just started a watercolor of an old, rusted-out truck we found in the desert. I certainly wish I had your talent with the desert landscapes. Thanks for the suggested title for my lily, I like it.


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