Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Beautiful Day...Come Walk with Me

I begin with last night's sunset.  As always, the camera failed to pick up the colors as I saw them, but still thought you might enjoy the view.

This morning began cool and cloudy.  We lingered over our coffee and then headed out for a morning of  exploration.  We headed up Highway 139 to Eagle Lake and then traveled A-1 down the backside of the lake, through quaint little communities to a hiking/biking trail that runs alongside the lake.  I wanted you all to see the beautiful country and some of the wonderful birds we encountered along the way.

My husband running along the trail.  I was busy taking photos.  Fall is coming and it's so beautiful.

Boaters spotted the beautiful lake and the fishing seemed to be going well.  We saw several large trout landed during our excursion.  Would have loved having one for dinner.  We vowed to get our fishing stuff in order and come back soon.  The following boat had a spotter out in front (see small terrior).  He was taking his job very seriously.  We watched them go for quite a ways and he remained in his lookout position.  How cute.

I shot several photos of the Pelicans who were fishing near the shoreline.  There were so many birds, ducks and geese that it was difficult to choose my subject.

The trees were really beautiful.  This area has a very diverse forest.  There were all sorts of pine trees, fir trees, cedar and many that I did not know.  One species of ordinary looking pine trees grow huge pinecones.  I will post a picture of one of the cones compared with an ordinary pine cone later.  For now, here's my husband standing beside one of the forest trees.

I was even fortunate enough to catch a Downy Woodpecker as he searched for bugs in the bark of a tree.  Lighting wasn't good, but I'm posting it anyway.

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  1. Found you through Muddy Boot Dreams.

    What a beautiful place you live in. To be near water and pelicans!


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