Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas...

I had to go back to last year's photographs, the ones my son sent to me while complaining about the 'tons of snow' he was having to shovel.  Well, it's nearly Christmas and we have no snow.  I'm a believer in a White Christmas, so I think it's time we all concentrate and see if we can't conjure of some of the white stuff.  Your help is appreciated.


  1. We need some snow here too. We had a wonderful white Chritmas last year. Gosh, the time went by quickly.

    I love the snowflakes on your blog.

    I put my War is Peace post back up because a few people enquired about it. I have to be me... *heh*


  2. We rarely have a white christmas here in the UK - but just for once it would be nice to see some of the white stuff on Christmas morning. Lovely photograph.

  3. Maybe there's a prayer for snow, as we have here prayers for rain and ceremonies meant to bring down rain.

    The picture, enlarged, is awsome!

  4. Thanks, everyone. Duta, if you know that prayer, please share...still no snow.