Monday, December 28, 2009

Gull In Sky...

Just painted the Watercolor Workshop Group Painting for December and thought I'd post it.  It was a quick little study, and while I'm not thrilled about how the sun turned out overall I am pleased.  It's nice to work on something quick.

Christmas was wonderful this year.  I enjoyed watching the grandchildren open their gifts and loved being present in their lives again.  I can't say I'm sad that the new year is approaching.  I'm looking forward to great things in 2010, not only for myself but for all my friends and loved ones.


  1. Oh, that's lovely...! The water is gorgeous. I was just looking at "Childhood Memories" on your other blog. It is worth waaaaay more than the asking price of $80.00, let me tell you. It's wonderful. You are so talented...!


  2. Amazing painting! each element in it, is perfect.
    I'm glad you had such an enjoyable family Christmas. May the New Year bring you the Best of everything in life!

  3. Yes, Christmas is so much more fun when there are children around, isn't it? A Very Happy New Year to you all.