Monday, January 4, 2010

The Artistic Spirit Haunts Me...

As we welcome in 2010, I have to consider the challenges that face persons who have artistic spirits.  While I do not consider myself an artist of great talents (based on the balance in my bank account) I do accept that I have some inborn abilities that keep demanding they be acknowledged.  This forces me to always seek outlets for this energy that plagues me every day of my life.  So, you have witnessed a few of my, talents?  I am ever being pushed by this unknown force to pick up and create in whatever form and manner I can.  Today, it is clay.  While not finished and still in a rough state here is my attempt to quiet the artistic spirit inside my head.  The clays are whatever I had laying about so they don't blend together perfectly.  I welcome your remarks.  Yes, I know, I should try and focus on one artform, but for some unexplained reason I simply find this impossible.  I suppose this is what creates a 'Jack of all trades and master of none'?  The sculpture is of my cowboy husband when he wore a mustache.  He is now clean-shaven, but I still have fond memories of these days.  He is resting in this pose so his eyes are closed.  Okay, this little adventure is complete, I can get back to painting.  Heads, I win?


  1. I think of you as a great artist and a multi-talented person. I like your paintings and I hope your husband will be very pleased with the clay sculpture of his head.

    I wish you a very prolific artistic New Year!

  2. This is fantastic! I think sometimes you need to get out of the box and do something different than the same old.