Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Melody Lives On...

Strains of a melody fill the night air
An image so lovely appears in my head
Of nighttime and dancing...
And later, of bed

I loved him so deeply
How can I go on
Dancing and singing
Now that he's gone...

C Hummel Kornell
All Rights Reserved


  1. very cute lil' piece.. rhythms of love in the air. well done!

  2. This brought a lump to my throat just beautiful
    ...and thank you for you comment, my poem was written about my dad ... we must have had a similar experience :o)

  3. I have no idea how. Although a solo can be lovely, I prefer harmonies. Heartbreaking poem, dear.

  4. Heart-wrenching...Such powerful images from a single photo. Well done!

  5. I feel the pain and longing in your words ....

  6. I do so appreciate all of your comments. I always try to see Willow's wonderful photos and immediately write what comes into my mind. Judging from the sadness of most of my pieces one would think I'm a sad and depressed person but just the opposite is true. My muse simply chooses to go to the dark side when she moves my fingers across the keys. I must have a word with her. Anyway, "Thanks!" to you all for stopping by, please come back often.

  7. It sure is a sad episode. Beautiful!

  8. To let go..we know we must..the same sad tune for all..well done!

  9. One always wonders how it is possible. Well poem'd!

  10. A great melody of words, touching the tender hearted soul, lost in memories of times gone by, dancing our way through life. Well done.

  11. I like the way your words danced to the rhythm...

  12. " How can I go on/ Dancing and singing/ Now that he's gone"
    These grief stricken expressions have immediately reminded me of a personal tragedy in the past. After a heavenly night of singing and dancing in a ballroom ( we both loved singing &dancing), my fiancee had to go back to his military base . He never came back as he got killed on the way in a car accident.
    You've got a way with words that touch one's innermost strings.

  13. And yet, most of us do. Go on....
    You've expressed this sadness very sweetly.


  14. sweet sadness describes it nicely. Beautiful.

  15. Jeff,

    How true...a wonderful gift our dreams and memories-to protect those we loved and lost, and to carry them with us forever.


    Oh, dear, Duta, I am so sorry for your tragic loss and that my simple words would bring back the memory of that pain. My apologies. I have never lost a loved one except through breakup, can't imagine the pain that accompanies losing them through death. BTW, the one I lost when barely 20, my 'soul mate' for life, returned to be years later and is with me now. Some tragedies do have happy endings. I'm sorry yours did not.

    R. Burnett Baker,

    It sounds as if you have experienced such loss. If so, my condolences.

  16. Melancholy, here, beautiful, ephemeral like a footprint left behind.

  17. Yes, grief experienced and understood here. Fine write.