Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magpie Tales 52...

I gaze at the cottage as the stories appear
They tell of a gentleman touching the keys of a spinet
Playing his heart out, but no one can hear
He's alone in the house and no one's expected
The snow's on the ground and the winter's so cold
He'll live in this house alone until he is old
And when he has played his last little tune
His life will be over and no one will care
He lived and he died...perhaps way too soon.

Written by C Hummel Kornell


  1. You pulled an interesting narrative out of the photo. Nice piece.

  2. Ah...such sadness and loneliness. But you wrote it so beautifully.

  3. What is it about a house on its own on a street that makes us think about someone on their own in it? Very good piece. Artwork looks brill.

  4. This week's contributions have been outstanding, in my humble opinion.

    I just love this.

  5. Awwww, this is so sad, but you wrote it so well and with such great creativity! Poor guy. :o(

  6. Living in a nice cottage and playing music cannot alleviate loneliness which is colder than the cold outside, more isolating than winter and the snow.

    The gentleman is a sad figure and like him there are millions of lonely people inhabiting the planet. The theme of loneliness is universal, and is very skillfully presented in your little piece of writing.

  7. You brought a deep sense of "aloneness"...here for a moment..then gone..very well done!!

  8. this is so sad...and so beautifully written!

  9. You saw through the curtained windows to the loneliness within. Well written.

  10. I know I would care .... your words have inspired me.

  11. Sadly that's how life is for some. Beautifully written.


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