Sunday, February 13, 2011

Creativity of a Different Kind...

During a recent trip to Tucson, Arizona, my husband was gifted a beautiful, hand-made leather vest by a friend, Vern Curtis.  Not only does he create these one-of-a-kind vests, he designs the intricate embroidery to fit the individual.  As you all know by now, my husband is a past World Champion Bull Rider so Vern is recreating one of his bull rides for the back of the vest.  In the meantime, I wanted to post these photos to show you all what beautiful, artistic work he is doing.  If anyone is interested in ordering a vest Vern can be reached at


  1. May your husband enjoy his vest with the bull ride on its back! What a wonderful gift!
    A leather garment looks nice on everybody regardless of age and gender.

  2. Cool! I love the belt buckle, too.

  3. Tess, So late in responding to your comment, but wanted to be sure you know that my husband is a World Champion Bull Rider and the buckle to which you refer is one of his championship buckles. In other words, he earned it... Glad you liked it.