Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Roibert a Briuis

Oh Roibert, dear Roibert, English fealty you swore,
But upon the morrow Scottish plaids you wore

Your English alliances surfaced again
And stressed your allegiance causing you pain

While history took turns your heart remained true
But only the likes of Wallace knew

William’s life would be given to uphold your name
And none, save the closest knew of your game

Oh Roibert, dear Roibert, Red Comyn you smite
In Dumfries the Friars cry out ‘tis not right

The shedding of blood on sacred ground
Brought the wrath of Edward down

Your tears had been shed for Wallace, your friend
Upon the banks of Abhainn Dh├╣ins

The crown of Scotland would be yours not once
but twice upon sequential moons

Oh Roibert, dear Roibert…

C Hummel Kornell, copyrighted – all rights reserved.
Photo Prompt Courtesy of Tess Kincaid.


  1. This was incredible. I love historical events, especially told so well.

  2. This poem is a very interesting reminder of two Scottish heroes who had fought for Scotland's independence, against the English: William Wallace and Robert de Bruce.
    Connie, You're a very good poet!

  3. Kathe - Thank you and do stop by often.

    Tumblewords - I am honored by your remark.

    Thingy - I love history as well and for some reason Scotland was the first thing to pop into my mind with this prompt and then, of course, the betrayal of Robert de Bruce toward not only England but also his avid supporter, William Wallace. Tess' Scottish background pushed me over the edge and this is my simple result.

    Oh, Duta, I certainly wish there were editors out there who agreed with you! Thank you for your kind words.

  4. Wonderful! (It makes me want to watch Braveheart again...)