Saturday, March 19, 2011

Youthful Reckonings...

Today's Magpie really hit home for me.  BTW, I was born on March 16th, just before midnight...

The hospital delivery room felt stuffy as white-clad people surrounded the writhing body fighting to give birth while the ancient Irish doctor soothingly talked to her.

'Hold on, girlie, you can wait another few minutes.  This wee bairn need not arrive until after midnight.  We want us a St. Patrick's Day baby.  Try to relax, we're almost there.'

She fought and tried so hard to give him what he wanted but her body had a mind of its own.  A wrenching scream announced the birth of a tiny baby girl only minutes before the turn of the clock. Her prayers had been answered.  She had a daughter to go with her beloved son.

The agony of the natural childbirth faded as she cradled her squalling babe.  She was as content as she had ever been until she heard the doctor's voice.

 "We'll name her Mary, Mary Louise."

That was it, she could not allow him, however important he had been to her family, to name her little girl!  This country doctor had provided his services free to her throughout this difficult pregnancy.  He was a family friend, as well as a doctor, and she felt indebted to him, but this was her baby.  She found her voice and spoke.

"We'll name her Connie, Connie Louise."

The old doctor began to argue, but seeing the set to her jaw, stopped and laughingly said,  "That should do fine.  Connie Louise it is.  She was almost an Irish miracle.  I'll bring her Dad in."

And thus began the life of a blessed little girl.

The years following the end of WW-II and the birth of their second child brought hard times for her family.  Her Father worked hard but was only able to provide the barest of necessities.  She knew her family was poor.  At school she suffered the cruelty of her peers who teased her relentlessly about her ragged hand-me-downs, but all the while a creative spirit was growing inside her.  While they lived in a little house with dirt floors, she created beautiful visions of castles and happiness.  A nearby ditch, shaded by giant Elm trees and blanketed by thick carpets of grass and moss provided her sanctuary.  This sanctuary grew the largest and most beautiful violets which she claimed as hers and chose to love for all time.  To this day, a grown woman with children and grandchildren, she can still harken back the  smells, feel the sun shining dappled on her face through the branches of the long-ago Elm trees and recall one of the happiest times of her life.  Loved unconditionally by her family and blessed by a God who provided her an artistic spirit.

Created in love by Connie Louise Hummel Kornell - all rights reserved.


  1. This is wonderful to read. Good job!!!

  2. Connie Louise - a wonderful name for a new born girl who will later turn into a creative, loving woman.

    Your description of the scene in the hospital delivery room with your Mom fighting to give birth while the family doctor was soothing her, of the baby girl's birth and the name giving - all this is beautiful and touching! So is your description of the outline of your life so far.
    You're a perfect writer, Connie!

  3. L.D. - Thank you for your kind remarks.

    Duta - What a wonderful remark. I will cherish your review. My husband often tells me the same thing. I simply write from my heart. You have made my day!