Monday, April 25, 2011

Approaching Heaven...Rambling Thoughts

The life had been hard and the road long as
I lay down beneath a tree in the softness of the moss
To reflect upon the happenings that had brought me here
I'm not sure when sleep overtook me
But I dreamed of my loved ones and the happiness I had known
Aware of the wind softly moving my hair about my face
While I had not accomplished greatness, perhaps in my own way I had made a mark
Perhaps someone would remember me in sadness when I'm gone
There was no fear within me as I opened my eyes to the brilliant light
The Goodness of Him and I smiled my last earthly smile.

C Hummel Kornell, original work - all rights reserved.
MagPie 68 - Photo Courtesy Tess Kincaid


  1. Amazing picture accompanying an amazing little story of one's "last earthly smile". I could easily relate to what comes before that smile: the dream about loved ones and happiness, the wish to leave a mark on this world, the Goodness of God.

  2. Stunning images tenderly shared... simply beautiful.

  3. You make 'crossing over' sound like a colourful experience.

  4. Exits of the peaceful kind are definitely the best!

  5. I'm thinking we'd all wish for this when the time was right.

  6. best regards.
    bless your weekend.

  7. Coni...Tom and I are embarking (hopefully!) on our first foray into the world of motor-homing after our horrendous year of bad health for both of us this past year. We have chosen Blake Ranch RV park (where you and I first met!) for our first destination since we can get back to our doctors in half a day from there if need be, secondly we enjoyed our time there, and know that we can just vegging out if need be there and let the world go by. I am bringing my watercolor supplies and, of course, my jewelry-making supplies so I can stay busy while relaxing! Wish us well! I will post on my blog what is up while there.