Monday, April 18, 2011

Written for My Sons...

The following poem was written by me many years ago when I was a young working Mom trying to balance an 80 hour/week job and take care of my two little sons who are two years apart.  I recall writing this late at night after finishing washing diapers in preparation for the coming morning.  I recall the sadness I felt for not being able to be with my babies more and the guilt was nearly unbearable.  I still feel it today although I can say both my sons are wonderful grown men with babies of their own.  I'm proud to say they are both wonderful parents!

Children are the sweetest things
We liken them to queens and kings
But of ourselves we do not give
The thing they need the most to live

C Hummel Kornell, original, copyrighted work


  1. hmmm children are cherished, well mine are and I tell them I love them to pieces more than 10 times a day.

    Enjoy the potluck :)

  2. your picture is amazing! your poem matches it.


  3. I believe your tiny sweet poem is relevant to your sons' generation too. Young parents of today also work hard and sometimes it comes at the expense of quality time spent with their children. That's life.

  4. so thrilled to have you be part of jingle Poetry community,

    share a free verse with poets rally week 42 today.

  5. They are wonderful parents because you were and are a dedicated mother. Beautiful babies and I'm sure they're beautiful men. What a wonderful poem written so many years ago.