Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today I was thinking about contradictions and realized that I am, perhaps, the most contradictory individual I know.  First, I am a Pisces which in and of itself denotes a strong attachment to water.  True to my sign, I LOVE water, especially the ocean off the coast of Oregon.  However, while I love to watch the undulation of waves I AM TERRIFIED to be in deep water or murky water or large mud puddles.  (Just kidding about the last one.)  I can swim in shallow, clear water but surely would drown in deep or murky water.  Is this a fear that is shared by others or am I alone in my contradiction?  


  1. There's no contradiction; one can love water and yet be afraid of being in deep water.
    Water like the elements of fire and wind could turn into a damngerous element of nature.

    Nowadays, it's recommended not to buy houses near the sea or ocean because of the tzunami phenomenon which is becoming more and more frequent and highly dangerous.

  2. Good to see you posting here again, Coni! I see no contradiction. I am fascinated by fire, yet I do have the sense to not get too near it, so no contradiction there. I find it relaxing, though, to sit near it and just be mesmerized by the colors of the flames.