Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Games of the Gods...(Magpie submission)

The Gods had chosen, in their superior way
A fate for the village below them that day

They would suffer her wrath through the heat and the blow
The Sun Goddess, Alectrona, had won the challenge you know

She'd bring them to heal with the heat of her sun
As the winds overtook them
They'd no place to hide and no place to run

Eros sat crying while viewing the scene
How could such loveliness turn out so mean?

While Persephone observed without saying a word
Waiting her turn to renew life below
From every disaster a new life must grow

Original Copyrighted Work by:  C Hummel Kornell


  1. Yes, new life must grown. Those Gods do like to mess around with we humans, don't they! :)
    Thanks for your comment earlier.

  2. i like your summation line on new life coming from disaster...it is a beautiful thing to see...i wonder at times what the gods think as they look down...on what we have become...

  3. I like the notion of the gods looking down here...very nice...

  4. Daydreamertoo - Yup, the Gods do mess with us. Thanks for dropping by.

    Brian - Guess I've lived enough to bear witness that out of all the ruins life goes on. It's the human spirit, I think, that wins in the end.

    Tess - Thanks! I love this prompt. Great job choosing it.

  5. It does seem sometimes that the gods control our lives! Nice take on the prompt.

  6. Oh, that last line is very profound indeed.

  7. I believe in God and I believe in fate God has chosen for each of us.

    As for the village in your little poem, it seems the Sun Goddess is to carry out God's will to teach its people a tough lesson by using the heat of the sun and the blow of the winds.

    I like the optimistic note in the end - namely that out of the villagers' cruel fate - new life will emerge.

    Very thought-provoking poem!
    It makes me think of our fate on this planet. The high frequency of natural disasters during the last decade, are meant to teach us a lesson, and ultimately bring about the end of this universe and the creation of new life.

  8. Duta,

    As always, I appreciate your opinions of my work very much. We are living in a challenging time with many warnings for upcoming disaster but as in times past we seem never to understand the messages in time. Perhaps this time will be different. So good to hear from you and thank you for your remarks.

  9. We do seem like little village ants crushed at times by pure whimsy of greater, stronger forces. Sigh. I always enjoy the simpleness of just living life for the day it brings. I'm much happier that way than with all the striving I did in the past to get some nebulous where without ever truly getting there...and where I got to, after all that huffing and puffing, wasn't all that different or even better after all. :)
    BTW, this is just a knock-out background. I'm loving these peaceful little...white drifts of seedlings, fireflies, fairies? :)

  10. Catfish Tales-- Thanks for your remarks, I've found that the harder I try to achieve sometimes I'm better off where I began than where I end. I appreciate your remarks on my background...the little fireflies are really snow in the winter and whatever I wish them to be in all other seasons...I really like the idea of little seedlings. Stop back often.