Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prisoner (Magpie 114)

Photo by A Stoddard 

A prisoner within the free world
Continuously I fight to stay awake
While millions face the light of day
I seek only the solace I make

To be alone, surrounded by so many
My inner self longs to be set free
The chains that bind me to my sadness
Fashioned by life and forged only by me

Copyrighted Original work by C Hummel Kornell


  1. nice..really cool capture of depression and the crowded aloneness one can def feel even in a world as dense as ours can be...

  2. The prompt did summon up thoughts of escapology; the invisible chains in your poem work well.

  3. This poem is so prescient, someone who is in touch with the real world , big time !

  4. An awful lot of recrimination in this. The poor guy needs a break; it can't all be his fault, can it?

  5. Great job. It's interesting to note that the blame this person heaps upon himself is one of the chains that binds him. It's a fine line to walk between holding oneself accountable and making recovery harder by beating oneself up.


  6. The angst comes across so clearly through out your lovely phrases. Thank you for sharing this, CHK. I enjoyed my visit here. =D

  7. Thought-provoking little poem which in a few lines depicts a condition of many among us - people whose soul is chained to sadness(depression).
    The top picture is very relevant.

  8. I'm giggling at Kat's comment...I can certainly relate to the guilt thing...


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