Sunday, May 6, 2012


R.A.D. Stainforth - River Irwell

A city rises in the distance
While the river rolls along
The melody of the birds
Capture the river's song

I grew up on the river
And love the river's swell
Will I ever go to the city?
Only time will ever tell

Original copyright, C Hummel Kornell


  1. Excellent rhyme structure..going with the flow.

  2. River raised from cradle to grave. I've floated down stream and paddled up and never tire of her song.

  3. The river in the picture is lovely, and so is your little flowing poem.

    Cities were built near rivers. The river provides it with all the essentials: water,food, transport, power, recreation.

    If you grew up on the river,then it's in your heart and blood forever. Will you go to the city? what for? you've got almost everything you need on the river.

  4. Sounds as though the river might be more amenable to your being , CHK !.
    Lovely image

  5. Delightful poem. Ticks most of the boxes for me.