Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beginning My Garden...

My first butterfly of the season. 
I grow my tomatoes in old whiskey barrels.  The wire cages are brightly colored this year to add more  interest to my garden.
 Blueberries!  These are where the Bumble Bees love to hang out.


  1. I love the new background to your blog; the colors are so delicate, and the woman so beautiful!

    Growing food in wiskey barrels seems like a great idea. Wooden barrels are more aesthetic than plastic containers and keep the cold away from the plant.

    Judging by two of your three lovely photos, the barrels enhance the beauty of your garden.
    The first photo is a terrific capture of an awsome butterfly.

  2. Duta - So good to hear from you! Thanks for your lovely comment on my garden barrels. Our season has been cool and wet this year so we are a bit challenged. Both my husband and I love growing flowers and veggies. The butterfly was an added benefit to a day of planting.

  3. Coni...You go girl! My brother, whose wife has severe diverticulitis requiring hospitalizations, has grown three whiskey barrels of seedless tomatoes this year for her, has mounted these barrels on casters so he can move them under the patio when our ridiculous desert heat would burn them up in the afternoons. She has had her first tomatoes since September, 2011, and is in seventh heaven!

    Your barrels look great and I wish you truly great harvests with them....Susan


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