Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Suffer the Children...

Walk with me and we shall see
The world before us change
From waters edge to prairies wide
Along the mountain range

We are alone and so must go
Upon this trail in woe
For those we love have left us here
Though why, we'll never know

Original work by C Hummel Kornell
Written for Magpie
Prompt supplied by Tess Kincaid


  1. I enjoyed the rhyme .. felt a bit like little Hansel and Gretel!

  2. Thanks, Helen, you're right, children do try to protect each other much like Hansel and Gretel. Too bad we can't rid the world of all the wickedness.

  3. Sweet that they have each other, life will carry on and they will be stronger for it! Nicely written, thanks.

    1. Thanks, Karen, I appreciate your remarks.

  4. Replies
    1. Berowne, It's so good of you to review my work. I hold you in the highest esteem so this is praise I will cherish. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. My immediate thoughts were exactly as Helen's - Hansel and Gretel, although there seems a promised land here too.

  6. This brought to mind my pioneer ancestors...

  7. Oh, yes, it could reflect the children of long ago. There seemed such an innocence to the hands it could represent children throughout time. Good to hear from you, Tess. Good luck with your second chap book, you are a wonderful writer!

  8. How cute!
    I like it both the picture and your little poem
    telling about two abandoned children who have only each other, and find strength in this.