Monday, February 15, 2016

Native Bathing Girl...

This is one of my original oils.  Guess I'm having a 'play day' today.  I've been working for several hours to get a decent photo of this painting so I could post it.  Finally, with the suggestion of a FB friend, I think I have it.  While I paint in oils, watercolors & Sumi-e, I always revert to my oils when I am seriously wanting to create.  This painting was created without a plan--I began with the sky and designed it as I worked my way down the canvas (not suggesting anyone do it this way).  There are times when inspiration takes over and I just have to let it go--this was one of those times.  This place exists only in my mind--warped as it sometimes is, there is always beauty there!  I think I'm happy with the result.  Let me know your thoughts, if you have any for me.


  1. The painting is perfect. I love it. Perhaps you should name it just 'bathing girl' as the naked girl looks too light- skinned for a native.

    1. Thanks, Duta, that's a valid observation. I had to paint her lighter (imagining that the moon glow would account for the lighter skin). I believe I will take your advice and change the title to "Bathing Girl". Then, viewers can perceive her as they will. As always, so great to hear from you. Hope you are enjoying this new year.