Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I write, therefor I am...
I am, therefor I write...

A vicious circle but one I would not change for the world.

When my mind is still it seeks solace in creating scenes of Love and Lust, Innocence and Evil, Mercy and Malevolence, Compassion and Cruelty...

Human nature has always intrigued me.  How some people can have goodness in them and share their gifts freely and compassionately with others while their counterparts have no remorse for their hateful, hurtful deeds--taking joy in the amount of pain and unhappiness they cause.

While I have known people from both sides of this equation I prefer to focus my artistic endeavours on the beautiful souls in the world.

Perhaps if everyone were to do the same we could teach the world to sing--or at least to tap their toes to an Irish jig...

Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance)


  1. Human nature is fickle and treacherous. If you can find Love and Compassion within your family, then consider yourself lucky. Don't look elsewhwere as you'll be disappointed.

    1. I always seek to find the goodness in all people. I do admit there are times when it simply isn't there but it's in me to first make an effort to find it. Sometimes souls are simply injured to a point where they need unconditional love and understanding from someone. I try to be that someone. Thanks so much for responding, it means so much to me. Hope you are enjoying the year with blessings and good health. Your friend, Coni


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