Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Fall Day...

Just finished baking our Cherry/Almond Scones, which my husband says "turned out great." Since he has eaten a half dozen of them, I guess they must be acceptable. The freezer is beginning to bulge, so will have to share more with friends. Next project is a really healthy French Boule (Bread) that has a lot of seeds and whole grains in it. One thing is for sure, the house smells really great, which seems to bring people inside for a taste. Don't you just love baking? Tomorrow's project will be homemade cheese. Picked up all the needed ingredients today. Can't wait. I have an overflowing herb garden (all grown in pots outside), some of which will become part of the cheese.

Just got a call from a friend who is at Greenbluff (our small farming community where we buy our fresh produce). She is looking for the farms where Bill shopped yesterday. Who says we don't influence others by our actions? We are already planning to can peaches together, but that will be another whole story.


  1. SO,you're an artist in baking and cooking too.

  2. Duta, What a nice thing to say! I suppose one could look at the 'art' of home making that way. More simply, though, being raised at the time I was raised in the area I grew up in made it impossible not to be a creative cook. It was a necessity to survival. There were times when food supplies were low and my Mother and Grandmothers had to create meals that would sustain their hard-working families. The convenience of a grocery store down the block to run to several times a day did not exist. What food we had we grew ourselves or purchased from a neighboring farm. Many times meals were made around things that had been wild gathered. I still love the taste of fried Morel Mushrooms, which, when they could be found, took the place of meat in our meals. Soups were another wonderfully creative staple. The garden always provided fresh produce that could be turned into a healthy meal. Of course, the home-baked breads (although common place back then) were still greatly appreciated. There was a special bond in our family because of these times. They created who I am today and I feel blessed because of them.

  3. What a wonderful post...! You are indeed very talented.

    And now I'm hungry. :-)