Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Fall Day in the Northwest...

Yesterday we awoke to cooler temps here in Spokane. It had rained during the night and everything was beautiful. Greens are so much greener following a rain.

Fall weather always makes me want to cook and it didn't take long to get into action. I pulled out my Grandmothers donut and cinnamon roll recipe and mixed it up. I used it to create a cinnamon raisen bread. Once the dough was set to raise I couldn't contain myself. I had picked up some horseradish root the day before so I grated it (had to turn on all the fans and open all the windows!). Once all the sinuses in the neighborhood had been cleared, I mixed the grated horseradish with vinegar, salt and sugar and sealed it. It's so beautiful. Homemade horseradish is much whiter than the brands you can buy in the store. Whenever I need a smoother horseradish to serve I simply mix my homemade with a bit of real mayo and it's done. It's also great in cocktail sauce served with shrimp.

My husband went back to Greenbluff (our little family farming area) and picked up three flats of raspberries, a flat of blackberries, ten pounds of cherries and various veggies. He helped me bag and freeze most of the berries, saving out some for our enjoyment. I will be able to make jams, smoothies, pies, whatever from the frozen as we move into winter. As for what we didn't freeze, I have been requested to make up Cherry/Almond Scones and Raspberry Crumble today.

Once I had the bread baking I painted a background for the second floral painting I am doing. Then we took on our grandkids so their parents could celebrate their wedding anniversary. All in all, it was a wonderful day. I slept a bit late today, but then that's the reward for being productive.

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  1. Thank you for your visit. Here I am paying you a return call! Glad you enjoyed reading about our walk.
    I loved reading about your day - often have that kind of a day myself as our vegetable garden needs constant collecting of veggies - first strawberries and raspberries - now zucchini, peas and broad beans - freezing, making jam etc. all takes time but there is something in us which makes a full cupboard so satisfying, isn't there? Do call again. Regards.


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