Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally, Something Artistic...

Yesterday my husband dug through our motorhome basements and located my oil paint box. With a little help from one of my artist friends, Jackie Claflin, I put together sufficient materials to commence a new project. I am painting from one of my own photographs. This is the beginning. I'm happy with the background and have commenced laying down the under painting of the lily. It feels good to be creating again. Now I have to make time in our busy schedule to get this done. Already have sketched it's partner for the next painting. Both florals are taken in the rain and therefore I will be putting droplets of water in the finished product.

We are taking off for our favorite place, Greenbluff. This is a small farming area where all the produce is grown and sold at the farms. Today we are going for raspberries and blueberries. There will be some kind of goodie baked tonight!

1 comment:

  1. The lily in the picture is superb! Good Luck with the painting activity, and have a wonderful time on that little farm!