Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Interesting Bed...

Thought you might enjoy seeing a Mesquite bed we found chained to a tree in Tumacacori, Arizona. It was in front of a lovely little shop brimming with wonderful, artistic finds. The bed was an advertisement for a line of custom made furniture. I believe the beds are made (by hand) in Texas. The headboard, alone, weighed over 800 pounds. The shop owner could not get it inside her shop, which accounts for why it's chained to the tree. She said she had sold several to people who were building their homes. Seems that the bed has to be placed in the room and the room constructed around it! There are strings of small white lights wrapped around the posts and rails to light it at night. I love wandering around, you find the neatest things.


  1. As an ad for custom made furniture, it's perfect; it draws the required attention.

    I, personally wouldn't put it into a room as it looks too massive. I think it best belongs outside, in nature.
    Anyway, I find this bed a very interesting piece of furniture.

  2. Duta,
    I agree, I have no room for a bed like that. We live full-time in a 38' diesel pusher motorhome and we have to be careful not to have too much. Since I'm an artist, most of our space is taken up by art supplies!


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